My Trendon Wide Faced girl enjoys a bit of fresh air.

A special ‘Goodmorning’ to Lorraine. Hope that you’re managing to come to terms with the worrying news of your recent health diagnosis and that you’re not in as much pain today.

This 1969 doll was one of my few ebay ‘risk’ purchases in my first years of Sasha collecting and came in just her gingham pants and printed back gold tag.

Here she is wearing my very first pair of Dollydoodle’s shorts that I chose to have made up from the material samples that Judith gave me to take to Anne-Marie’s Sasha funday….


along with a later hoodie design that Judith ingeniously invented instead of the original co-ordinating blue T-shirt.


I was attracted to her on account of her wide face which I had read about and which gave these dolls a much younger look.


I really like this ‘upward looking’ photo.



2 thoughts on “My Trendon Wide Faced girl enjoys a bit of fresh air.

  1. And a beautiful morning it is as well Kendal, although jolly freezing! Getting to grips with things, lots of questions to ask, and of course worrying, but also trying to get on with things to keep me distracted…unfortunately not the things I SHOULD be doing ;-)I love your beautiful wide-face girl. She is lovely and there is a certain innocence about them. A very lucky Ebay purchase indeed. My wide-face girl came from Ted and she too is lovely. I will take some fresh photos of her to post. Although my photography needs to progress somewhat before it matches yours!

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