Adam and Eve (Fritz and Juliette) in the Garden of Eden?

These photos are listed especially for Lorraine in the hope that when viewing them it takes her mind off her Friday’s upsetting health news for a few minutes.

I actually took these them last month on one of my rare better health days… as I like to have a few tucked away in hand.


This 1966 Frido NP doll is one of my very favourite dolls as I think that she has a very young and innocent look about her.


I had this delightful Viyella Betsy-May dress especially made up for her as I thought that the colouring suited her pefectly. To complete the outfit she is wearing some JJ Mary-Jane studio style shoes and commercially made socks.


Eve (Juliette) suddenly spots a small ripe apple high up on the Quince Apple Tree….


….Though not quite within her reach.


Adam (Fritz) kindly offers to climb up and pick the apple for her.


BUT the question is….does he give it to her or not?


My thanks again to Sarah for her tireless task of listing these photos for me. (I’m hoping that this time next week I might have mastered this skill myself thanks to my daughter’s forthcoming visit and give her a much needed break.)


6 thoughts on “Adam and Eve (Fritz and Juliette) in the Garden of Eden?

  1. Eve (Juliette) is gorgeous! How lovely of Adam to pick the apple for her, I am sure they shared it. :-)I love her shoes, but then I love anything blue! 🙂 Blue always looks so perfect on the blondes doesn't it. Thank you for thinking of me Kendal. I have started doing lots of research in between having some nice Sasha breaks.

  2. I suspect that Fritz has probably been framed in this scene, because Eve has persuaded him to scrump the apple – and Eve wants it all for herself! If the man in the garden catches them, then Eve will leg off and poor old Fritz will be in trouble again 😦

  3. This was emailed to me this evening…'I just had to comment on your blog this morning… how lovely and thoughtful to dedicate it to Lorraine… receiving her not-so-good health news. Juliette and Fritz are adorable… always *picture perfect*.'

  4. Dear Kendal, Your blog brings so much pleasure to so many. I just spent a peaceful half hour viewing all your Sashas. I love the way you carefully choose the clothing to match their eyes and skin-tones. You have the most beautiful Sasha doll collection and thanks for sharing it in this way. Do hope you are having a lovely time with your daughter.

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