A delightful vintage-sasha outfit arrives ….

….And it is immediately obvious that it is the perfect colouring for Annaliese. Annaliese is a 1969 Frido girl who, due to a bad haircut sometime in her life, has since been re-rooted by Jackie Rydstrome giving her a new lease of life.


Sarah of vintage-sasha had included both these coloured ribbons as she was undecided as to which went best with the outfit. (Not realising this I had used both of the colours together… and so they have both remained.)


I think that her red hair perfectly compliments her eye colouring and skin tones.


Carrying her hat just in case it’s needed later. These three-quater socks look very stylish with this length of dress.


A sweet facial close-up.


I think that this straw hat gives a lovely finish if needed on a sunny day.


Close up of the sraw hat that came here as a part of a Pinestreetstudio outfit.



4 thoughts on “A delightful vintage-sasha outfit arrives ….

  1. Serenata has left a new comment on your post "A delightful vintage-sasha outfit arrives.": She looks lovely in Vintage Sasha's gorgeous dress, and yes the colour suits her perfectly. Sarah really does make the most delightful clothes.

  2. Love the outfit your reroot is wearing today. I came so close to buying it… so I'm very grateful to see you got it. Your little redhead looks utterly adorable in it!!! The coloring is perfect for her and I liked how you did the double ribbon bows on her plaits… sweet!!! (Charming straw hat!!!)Have a Sasha-perfect day!!! Hugs, -Anne

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