The Main Shore Llandudno.

Here we all are visiting the Help the Aged Wishing well on the promanade. Sitting and enjoying the shade of the canopy after having slotted our pocket money in and made our wishes.


As you can see it’s still a lovely hot day even in this late afternoon/early evening.
We had hoped that The Punch and Judy Kiosk (and the donkeys giving rides on the beach!) would still be in operation during this forecasted Indian Summer week as we missed them last year but guessing that both the owners felt that it wasn’t really worth continuing now that the children had all returned to school.



Ross spies two Kayaks nearby and decides to see what it is like sitting in one of them.


After having a word with one of the owners, who had previously just paddled from the West Shore round part of the Great Orme to here, the others joined him.


It is very difficult to see this whole effect of Ross sitting on this Dragon Fly on the roundabout in Llandudno’s main street where last year Fritz rode on the Dolfins.


Hopefully you can just make out him sitting on the body with the metal wings spreading out either side of him.


Annaliese sitting on the neck of a butterfly.


Unfortunately when you try to take the photo from the pavements around it just blurs in with the surrounding base of flowers and you loose the effect.


It’s time to head home now after an enjoyable day here again this year. Hopefully some more of us will be back again in 2012.


3 thoughts on “The Main Shore Llandudno.

  1. Love these pics so much Kedndal – and thank you, again, for going to so much trouble. I'm wondering what Fritz is up to – possibly undergoing Toni and Guy hairdresser training? We know from his southern golf 'schmoozing' expedition that he's a social climber πŸ™‚ It's only a matter of time before he applies for a job with Radio 4's 'Woman's Hour'. So, we'll hear Dame Jennifer Murray begin the feature with: 'What's the nature of a woman's relationship with her hairdresser? We sent our reporter, FRITZ, to investigate.'P.S. I bet Fritz will claim to be a mate of Dr. Dorothy Rowe!!!!!!

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