Activities at the top of the Great Orme.

After leaving Conwy Quay we went into Llandudno to get one of the famous North Wales Cadwalader’s award winning ice-creams which we then leisurely ate sitting on the West Shore. I didn’t take any photos here although it is my very favourite spot as I knew that we were heading up afterwards onto the top of the Great Orme to let Ross see, go on and drive one of the Orme trams…. as Dr. Lawrence Jones has previously suggested in comments on past posts.
The trams are numbered and run in shuttles and stages on a wire pully system …so here we are admiring the view whilst we wait for tram no 7 to arrive and let the passengers off.
Annaliese is first out as she was last into the car boot and calls to the others to come and sit with her.


It is really breezy up here and Ross is unfortunately blown over.


With him back into a sitting-up position they look out over the bay formed between the Great and Little Ormes.


The other three decide to stay there and cool off in the breeze after the scorching hot day whilst Ross heads towards the office to buy his ticket.


Loving the ‘all blue’ theme here in these two photos.


The time for boarding the tram is called but the steps are steep and the breeze catches Ross and causes him to take a tumble before he can get onto the second step.


Second time lucky and he finally manages to get onto the second step.


We’re finally aboard and hopefully still in one piece.


Ross takes a front seat and waits while the other passengers get on.


Nearly ready for the off and the driver lets Ross have a quick practice on the steering wheels.


Drive carefully Ross and we’ll meet you with the car at the next station down.


Now on to Deganwy to sit by the estuary to Conwy to have my home-made scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam followed by a bowl of fresh raspberries, strawberries and cream and a drink before returning to the main shore at Llandudno for our last stop.


4 thoughts on “Activities at the top of the Great Orme.

  1. Ross really did have rather a day of tumbles didn't he?! Lovely views, looks like you all had a great day out. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea, it sounds delightful!

  2. Jackie emailed this to me as she too, like so many of us, are having great difficulty leaving comments…..'I don't mean to laugh at Ross's expense Kendal, but do you think he is a lttle accident-prone perhaps? Remember him falling into the sea on his Spanish holiday? You'll have to keep your eyes in the back of your head with this one! Love Jackie xxx'

  3. Oh Kendal WONDERFUL 🙂 🙂 :). I walked up the Great Orme about 7 weeks ago and gave a little wave – and with a tear in my eye – as I wandered down Abbey Road and passed your old school. No sign of any nuns or boarding school girls 😦 Sorry I haven't had time to post. Will try to catch up. Lots to say on the 'Toni and Guy' episode 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. P.S I'm wondering if Ross was a Kurt Cobain (RIP) fan? His hair is very Kurt Cobain. He looks as though he enjoys life – and I am impressed with his refusal to wear socks!!!Ross would enjoy a good dance to'Dodgy's' 'Staying out for The Summer' [1]. I assumed he was breakdancing when he appeared to fall over whilst being photographed on the Orme? Don't forget that boys love to show off their intellectual feathers, especially when girls are lurking 🙂 🙂 :)Reference[1]

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