Ross and Eline. Forever Friends!

Eline had to change out of her sundress with the weather now getting into Autumn into this slightly warmer Dollydoodles leisure set which I think suits her colouring really well.


I think that this is really a lovely close up photo of her…well apart from the usual stray hair across her face.


Ross has been treated to a new Dollydoodle outfit to wear on his return to the UK as his T-shirt and beach shorts outfit that he wore whilst in Spain is hardly suitable everyday gear to be seen in, in our Cheshire village but still too warm to don his joggers, saggy beanie hat and long sleeved hoodie.


I just can’t help keep taking a quick look at his new image.


Just love this combination of ‘posh’ shorts and short sleeved hoodie. The blue/white stripe is so clean and fresh looking.


He certainly is a ‘golden’ boy. I could literally ‘eat’ him all up.


Ross and Eline love being together and talking about their time in Spain with Jackie.


Great photo of togetherness.


Ross with the hood up framing his golden locks!


Thanks again to Sarah Williams for listing these photos in this large format.


4 thoughts on “Ross and Eline. Forever Friends!

  1. Kendal,Love these photos of Eline and Ross! Sarah is so talented to enlage the photos and so nicely done. I love the togetherness photo, Ross is a heart throb šŸ™‚

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