Ross arrives back home with his ‘new look.’

Box arrives and is opened and Ross peeps out of the packaging.
Great to have you back, dear.


A little more wriggling and struggling and now we can see more of his cheeky little face and new blonde locks.


Ross rolls over ready to push himself up with his arms onto his knees. You’re certainly looking just like a Calafornian beach boy.


Finally out of the box and in and in an upright-up position. Gosh! You’re really looking fit, tanned and ‘cool!’


Hoping that Fritz isn’t going to be too envious of your new hair style.


Ross getting re-united with his surf board.


I guess that I should have sent his board out to Spain with him just in case there was some surfing activity out there.


This is my favourite recent photo.


Another close-up side head view.


Looks like he isn’t going to be parted with his board for the moment.


Guess you’d better go and meet the Brood and let them know that you’re back.



6 thoughts on “Ross arrives back home with his ‘new look.’

  1. He certainly looks a 'cool Californian surfing dude now doesn't he?!However you are being rather naughty Kendal keeping us in suspense as to why he had to travel in a bigger box! -)

  2. "Welcome home Ross!"It's great to see Ross has arrived home, safe and sound. What great photos of him. I think the camera loves him… because he looks fabulous from any angle. Hugs, -Anne

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