Starting to introduce my Sasha Brood, one by one.

I was so impressed with Sarah William’s photo’s of my friend, Steve’s Sasha Doll collection that I’m dying now to introduce you to mine.


I’m starting off with a recently new addition, a 1967 Frido NP Blue Cord girl (which I don’t think that you have as yet seen.)

I think that she has a really young and innocent look to her.


She came in her full original outfit but has since been changed into this delightful four piece outfit made in a soft wool Viyella material designed and sewn by Betsy-May.


I have teamed it with some of JJ’s Mary-Jane studio style shoes and manufactured cream socks.


At the moment I am completely reliant on Sarah William’s very kind offer to list these photos in this wonderfully large size so that YOU don’t have to keep on clicking twice to enlarge and then clicking back again to see the next photo. Hopefully in the meantime I will beable to learn these skills for myself!


Here she is holding a little Merrythought Teddy Bear given to me some years ago now by Shelly for Christmas and who is a favourite with all my Sasha Dolls.


Usual apologies for the flyaway hairs scattered across the face. Will I ever learn to check this before snapping the photos???

No good noticing them afterwards.



4 thoughts on “Starting to introduce my Sasha Brood, one by one.

  1. Oh she is just lovely Kendal and just the sort of beauty and year I am looking for and hopefully will be able to afford one day…currently in my dreams at the moment. I can see this series of posts is going to have me continually wearing my green eyed spectacles! 😉

  2. Oh, Kendal! What a stunning doll she is. Are we really going to get to meet all your dolls? We are so excited!! Congratulations on such a brilliant new feature for the blog! Lauri and Gracie xx

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