One of my Frido Sasha Dolls is also featured in THE Sasha Book.

My 1966/7 blonde NP Frido ‘Jeans’ doll, Krista, had her eyes hand painted by a Manchester University art student, called Kristina, who was on hire privately to the Frido factory during the Summer vacation to help paint the doll’s eyes.


Here she can be seen looking at her photo on page 58.


Do you think that I am pretty? Oh yes, you certainly are!


Can you tell that it’s me?

Yes dear, we can easily tell that it’s YOU because the colour and eye style are very unique. You’re a very lucky girl.


Are there any other dolls like me painted by Kristina? I’m not sure but I expect that there are.


I have heard a rumour, but don’t know if it is true, that your eyes were painted at Sara Doggart’s home rather than at the Frido/Trendon factory. Perhaps we can email and ask Brenda Walton if this is the case.


6 thoughts on “One of my Frido Sasha Dolls is also featured in THE Sasha Book.

  1. Krista's eyes are absolutely stunning and I have admired her for quite a while. I think you photographed her before in a wonderful blue dress that perfectly enhanced her most amazing eyes. As ole Blue Eyes himself would have sung–"jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers? Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those eyes?" Now we know for Krista,they are from Kristina!!!!Thanks Kendal 🙂

  2. My favorite post ever…very touching.Krista is a beauty, for sure! The Doggarts were very lucky to have employed Kristina as she was a wonderful artist, just look at the color/technique and appealing quality of Krista's eyes.Thank you for the wonderful photography Kendal. Hugs, -Anne

  3. Your last two blogs have been so interesting with regard your Sasha's and to the new book. And seeing the pictures in the book behind the dolls has made me finally decide that i'll have to buy a copy so i can see these picture up close! maybe you should be on commission kendal?

  4. The Manchester university student, Kristina, should be very proud of her accomplishment. Love to know how long it took her and what paint she used.I agree that Kendal should be on commission. Why not hire Fritz as your literary agent?

  5. Kendal,She is the most beautiful Sasha I have seen to date,and they are all lovely aren't they,the earlier girls/boys,but her eyes are like pools,the paint work is amazing,what a talent Kristina had.Thank you for your photo's but I am upset that I can't seem to make them extra large now that your page has 'changed',am I doing something wrong?Chris x

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