Unfortunately I have a busy week ahead………….

With medical appointments and daytime visitors so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to list anything new this week. Sorry to disappoint you when you pop by to have a look but I’ll do my best to try not to make it too long before my camera and dolls meet up again.


5 thoughts on “Unfortunately I have a busy week ahead………….

  1. Yes Kendal – hope medical appointments go OK and don't worry about lack of new postings…..just hope that Fritz doesn't get up to more mischief in your absence:) Apparently he placed an advert in 'Autotrader' for the Indian motorbike that he posed on…..and he claimed that it was his!!!!!!

  2. Another lovely message from a good friend unable to be left by them….I was unable to leave a message on your blog so decided to email you one instead.Here's hoping all your medical appts go well and you enjoy meeting w/friends this week.Looking forward to you blogging next week.

  3. Just a quick line to say thank you for your good wishes. Hoping to be back Sasha blogging next week with a few ideas that can be taken within the confines of the house.

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