Had to visit the doctors yesterday SO….

I gathered up a few of my Sashas (all naturally in their Dollydoodle’s playwear) to tag along with me to enjoy time in the completely fenced-in younger children’s playground (right next to my recently built Primary Care Trust surgery) whilst I was waiting and seeing the doctor.

Above. The three girls decided to first climb up the slope leading to the very inviting shiny silver slide.

There is a jutting out stand at the top where you can use a pair of binoculars to view the surrounding scenery but they were set too high for my dolls….

…so here we see one of them peering through the railings instead.

The girls all ready for the slide down. Right altogether now….Ready, steady…GO!

All four enjoying a ‘bumpy’ ride on this ‘springed’ seat. Hold on tight.

Another ‘springed’ movement ride on this Reindeer. I’m not sure Sally that you should be sitting there at the bottom. Please be careful as your Uncle Steve will be very cross with you if you fall and hurt yourself.

Another more adventurous way to reach the top platform before enjoying the slide down.

Taking cover from the hot sun to cool down a bit.

All four enjoying a ‘wonky’ spin around in the round dish.

Pleased Fritz to see you finally back home after your visit to Surrey and the Bluewater Lambretta ice cream parlour. (Although I had to send more money down for his return fare as he had used all of that plus his pocket money on ice creams.)

Glad to see that you are now sitting down if you are going to make the swing go as high as it can. Do you want a push to start you off?

Two of the girls now having a go.

It’s just like climbing up a circular tower!

Three girls enjoying playing with the Spider.


7 thoughts on “Had to visit the doctors yesterday SO….

  1. What on earth has Fritz done to his hair???!!!!! I think you’ll have to start threatening him with a big tub of Brylcreem – and a sensible quiff – if he doesn’t start to mend his ways. Be very suspicious if he tries to con you out of more money – on the pretext that he’s been signed up to sing at the 30th anniversary Sasha festival and hasn’t got the money for his accommodation.

  2. Kendal, your photographs compiled in a book – with appropriate narrative [1] – would make a lovely birthday, Christmas or anniversary present. I’m sure that all the followers of this blog would agree that such a gift would also be gender and age independent.Betsy-May’s hat – in a recent posting – is adorable (working just outside Aix-en-Provence during the week and this style of hat is very popular amongst French females – as are slipper shoes!!!). Loved the reference to Calico (such a mysterious fabric) in this posting and one of those fabrics that often resonate with males (e.g. Dylan’s ‘Sara’…….’Scorpio sphinx in a calico dress’. I hope Jill Burridge and her colleagues at ‘Woman’s Hour’ will investigate this 30th Anniversary Sasha festival. I suspect the history of Sasha would be a very interesting R4 feature. Notes[1] In many ways the history of Viyella tells the whole story of the UK textile demise….Carrington Viyella, Coats Paton, Courtaulds. I have often wondered whatever happened to ‘Dayella’.

  3. Fritz needs a bit of a spit and polish tidy up as he has obviously been rough and tumbling with the boys again! Love the playground pics. What a great time they are having xx

  4. One of my Sasha friends emailed this to me…..You know, your lil' girl (the one on the playground w/friends wearing the yellow t-shirt and wigged) she has real cute body language…I know that sounds strange, but all the positions you put her in look real, imho. I enjoyed that photos session Kendal…kids being kids!!!

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