Second page of ‘My Sporty Gregors.’

Sorry forgot to add this close up photo of Gotz Fritz wearing James’ golfing gear to the golf section below.

James dressed in his cricket gear, Doll Works sweater, Ruthsdolls shirt, trousers and shoes, bat and ball made by Len Jordan.

James is a member of Audley Cricket Club (and plays in the under eleven team) whose grounds are less than half a kilometre from my old family home.

James on one if the pitches.

Waiting for the stumps to be bought from the pavillion before play can begin.

Just coming from warming up on the all weather seasons pitch.

Jac and his superb new fishing rod and tackle that he has been given for his sixth birthday.

Jac enjoying a spot of fishing on a lovely sunny afternoon in a small widlife venue less that quarter of a kilometre from my old family home.
Now where’s the best spot to sit?

This is a delightful, quiet and secluded spot where one can easily escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Sitting and quietly reflecting for a moment or two.

Heading home after a most enjoyable and peaceful afternoon.

Ross down staying with my daughter and enjoying life amongst the ‘sporty’ set at Sussex Polo Club.
Seen here with her Polo tack.

Ross practising his stick swings just before play. (I had the minature sticks made up especially from a Polo stockist company in the US.)

Ruth Hartley faithfully copied this Polo shirt (and the boots) for Ross that my daughter designed for her own Polo team, Dark Horse, and had made up in Argentina when she was over there brushing up her Polo skills before the start of one of the seasons.

Wistfully waiting.

Ross is in Jeans, which are allowed to be worn when playing Chukkas, BUT ‘one’ has to wear ‘Whites’ when participating in a tournament. Only BROWN (not black) leather boots are allowed when playing on the Polo fields.

Watching play from an advantageous position.

Minding the ponies.

James is a member of Alsager Golf Club which is about a kilometre from where we live.

He tries to play a round every Saturday to improve his skills.

He is wearing chinos by Pinestreetstudios, an angora jumper finely knitted by Christine Durand around his shoulders, can just be seen in the first golf photo by the sign, (can’t remember who made the top and cap) and shoes by Ruthsdolls. Gof clubs bought off eBay.

The second page of the article in the magazine.

The sport of Karate featured in the centre.


9 thoughts on “Second page of ‘My Sporty Gregors.’

  1. What absolutely fabulous pictures Kendal.They must have NOT been easy to pose and get and I am going to look at them LOTS.Beautiful boys and I really want a fishing outfit for mine like that as they would so enjoy it.xx

  2. Wow! The boys here want more sports gear! Andrea ( The Doll Works) made my DHs boy a named Boston Red Sox set and several of the boys have cricket gear for school – but golf and polo are not on our list yet! Does the expense of raising Sasha kids ever end???!

  3. Ahhh, again amazing pictures Kendal, how lovely to watch the boys playing their favorit sport, the details, their clothes, scenery and sport belongings are just wonderful, it seems if they are real involved doing their sports.

  4. My word someone is on the ball to notice that it was Gotz Fritz wearing the golfing gear in the top close up photo and not Trendon James.My apologies. Fritz was originally going to do the golfing 'shoots' but the other lads decided that he couldn't as he was already featured on his motorbike on the whole of the back cover and so would be stealing more than his share of the limelight in this Gregor orientated Sasha World issue.

  5. Kendal,The sporty Gregors are wonderful!!! I love their outfits and the locations of your photos are so very nice. Minding the ponies is my favorite photo and it is inspiring. Thank you 🙂

  6. These photographs are just BEAUTIFUL Kendal. I can’t be only viewer of you blog to derive huge amounts of pleasure from your photographic efforts 🙂 🙂 🙂 The picture of that little secluded area (with the pond) is a fine antidote for stress and I love the curious look on the horses’ faces whilst being minded by Ross. Hee-hee, naughty Ross having the temerity to wear jeans…..and I suspect this is down to Fritz’s bad influence. You’ll have to ensure that Fritz doesn’t persuade Ross to swap his Palm Beach bicycle for a Triumph Trident. Come to think of it, isn’t ‘Ross’ a slightly common name for a boy who hangs out with royalty? We can guess the name on the side of his pram!!!!Donkeys have been on my mind after hearing the sad news of Dr Elisabeth Svendsen’s death and I’m sure your dolls would enjoy a photoshoot with such gentle and wise creatures.P.S. Loved reading everyone’s contribution to the ‘Osnath’ thread and I will comment when I get a few spare moments (currently work one week UK/one week France, so life tends to be rather hectic).

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