Two girls wigged with Global Cosette wigs display their choice of Summer clothing.

1969 Frido Pink Party girl, now wigged due to falling hair in a Global Cossette wig (unfortunately now discontinued) seen here in a Molly Sasha-Boutique outfit and JJ sandals.

Wearing a matching ribbon in her hair as a headband (as she has seen one of Dianne Lam’s girls wearing.)

1972 Trendon girl and Global Cossette wig that I sent down to Shelly to customise for me wearing a limited edition Ruthsdoll’s dress, JJ sandals and commercially made socks.


8 thoughts on “Two girls wigged with Global Cosette wigs display their choice of Summer clothing.

  1. These wigs are stunning and I agree with Serenta's comments concerning Kendal's knack of exhibiting the individual characters of these Sasha dolls.I was reading some of the older postings on this blog recently and was interested to read that the wigs are fabricated from modacrylic fibres. I like the attention to detail – and fringes are a good example. One can even tell from the expressions on the doll's faces how important the fringes are within their lives 🙂 I'm wondering why LP covers in the 60's/70's never featured Sasha dolls, given the interest in the topic (see: ) and this cover would have looked fab with some Sasha dolls in the background (See: )I'm at a loss to understand why Radio 4 has never broadcast a programme concerning the history of Sasha dolls.

  2. Anyone want to form a band then?Im sure the Sashas would love to comply and there are some super dolls and outfits out there.I have guitars and instruments Sasha sized….Next project Kendal?What would the Gregors call themselves?Vinyl Rock?16 Inch Death Metal?The Rap Waifs and Strays?Puddle-Eyed Trance Fairies?I digress………….

  3. 1969 Frido Pink Party girl… has she got a name, Kendal?Lily says she is proud to be a trend setter for your girl… keeps the hair out of their eyes, doesn't it?HugsDianne

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