Oh dear! Here comes trouble again with a capital ‘T.’

…in the form of baby ‘Quirky.’

Just look at all these Easter Eggs. Where did they come from? What are they for? Oh, like an Easter Egg hunt?

Have they got anything inside them still?

Now this looks more like me! Little Candy eggs for little people!
Couldn’t resist taking some more photos of these little eggs that Cleo sent them as they so matched the colour of his T shirt!)
I hope your hands are clean before touching them as they are not ALL for you but for sharing with everyone.

There is no need to get that close to them with your face. Just pick one up and put it in your mouth and then move away.

I hope that YOU haven’t eaten them all! Oh, you’ve been sharing them out amongst the others. Glad to see that you are being generous for a change.

All gone!

Now where are you heading to?

Oh no! Not climbing under that chair again!

One of these days I’ve told you, you are going to get stuck and I’ll have to send for the Fire Brigade to cut you free.

Now, just be careful that you don’t fall off it.

Just look at how high up I am. Yes, I can see that but do please be careful!

And it’s no good looking at me as though butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth!

Why can’t you just be good and sit still for a while like your little sister?

She’s such a good, placid little soul, so content to just sit there quietly.

Never an ounce of trouble.


5 thoughts on “Oh dear! Here comes trouble again with a capital ‘T.’

  1. I agree that the cheeky ones are more fun and I love their outfits both, especially the little girls and if you EVER see another of those little chairs for sale get on to me quick-sharp PLEASE!I love these photos and am sure the plastic ones had treats that Mummy ate up!I know her great love of chocolate!xx

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