It’s the Gregor’s turn to be blogged today.

ALL my lads will only wear Dollydoodles leisure wear at the moment because they think that these Joggers and Hoodies are’cool.’

Oh dear, just realised that I had missed out listing Jac, a 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly to be either a boy or a girl with a short hair style …so here he is in my very first Dollydoodle Hoodie/jogger choice of colour combination.

Here is Sam, (named after my grandfather) my Frido 1968 Christmas doll wearing one of my favourite of Judith’s hoodies. I just love his eyes with the turned up lashes at the corners.

Next up is Matt, a Frido 1968 tiny crude eyed Shorts boy. (There are two more photos of him further down as I forgot to include these with him wearing his saggy beanie hat now that it has been found.)

James, (named after my first boyfriend who was also very dark and handsome) another 1968/9 Frido Gregor Dark Jeans lad (I bought him as a successful after operation gift) sporting another of my favourite (in fact probably MY very favourite as I just love the colour navy) of Judith’s Hoodies. His hair isn’t quite so dark as Sam’s.

Fritz, an early 1960s Gotz slate eyed boy who is always up to some mischief or other seen here wearing a very snazzy OOAK Dollydoodle outfit… which he knows suits him and sets off his fair colouring.

Josh, a 1969 Frido now wigged Gregor dark Jeans boy in another version of Dollydoodle’s Hoodie/jogger gear.


Ross, a 1969 Frido dark Jeans boy in an aubergine new style Dollydoodle Hoodie/jogging set though he says that he daren’t take the Hoodie off as he has seen one or two of the girls eyeing it up for themselves.

Luke, a unisex wigged 1969/70 doll who is still waiting for a Hoodie of his own to go with his navy outfit so has borrowed this white one off the girls for now.

Matt again without his saggy beanie hat… which hadn’t then been found.

Iain, (I was going to call a son this but only had one child, my daughter, Chon) a 1971 dark eyed Trendon dark Jeans Gregor in a dark grey/light grey marl Dollydoodle leisure outfit.


4 thoughts on “It’s the Gregor’s turn to be blogged today.

  1. I LOVE Sam. James and Fritz so much and love Fritz in his surf-style hoodie. Right up my street where he is concerned!Judith gets them beautifully right doesnt she?Love my outfit in navy and grey and have it on my black haired boy too! xx

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