Several more facial close-ups.

Belle, a 1970 Gregor customised by Shelly wearing a little simple checked shift dress given to me by Steve.

Two views of a 1970 Trendon brunette wide faced waif who has had her slightly greened eyes ‘touched up’ by Shelly seen wearing an original Pink Party Dress and below in a spotted top by Dollydoodles under some shocking pink dungarees.

Trendon early 1970 girl baby mightdress who has had her hair re-rooted by Lisa Hartley in a Sasha*smiles little dress.

Another early Trendon Nightdress baby, again with re-rooted hair by Lisa Hartley and in a similar materialed sasha*smiles dress.

One of my very first early Gotz dolls with a slightly ‘older’ look to her seen here in a bright Betsy-May smocked dress.

A Trendon wide faced 1970 girl in a Karensyarn smocked dress that I think enhances her pale colouring to a ‘T.’

Three different photo takes on Holly, a Gotz 1960s crude yellow eyed little waif first seen in her original Gotz brown cord dungarees.

Secondly in a Molly, Sasha-bouquet dress…

And thirdly in a NGould red spotted smock style top.


One thought on “Several more facial close-ups.

  1. Scrumptious kids and perfectly dressed as "kids" too which is what I so like the best.You get it down to a tee Kendal.Hope they are all behaving until I come to redress them!! Love Aunty Sarah and Aunty Cleo. xx

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