More of my favourite close-up facial photos.

1960s slate eyed, bobbed haired Gotz waif, Holly, in a fake fur jacket won off eBay..

1960s slate eyed blonde ponytailed Gotz doll seen here in a Vintage-Sasha tweed coat that enhances her colouring.

Trendon baby re-rooted by Lisa Hartley in a knitted Sashadollstyle all in one suit.

1966,Frido doll one of the first of the dolls to leave the Stockport factory seen here in a Doll Works knitted fur trimmed jacket.

1960s slate eyed waif in ‘an enhancing to her hair colouring’ Pinestreetstudio wool plaid jacket.

My first slate eyed Gotz waif wearing a light ginger Peggy-Sue wig and a fine cord Vintage-Sasha coat.

1969 brunette Frido Party girl waif who due to falling hair now sports a discontinued Global Cosette wig and a deightful little pink tweed Vintage-Sasha coat.

A really pretty 1970 Trendon blonde Gingham girl ready for some sking in a Kate Smith beautifully knitted Nordic jumper underneath a padded gilet.

1960s slate eyed Gotz ponytailed girl again ready for sking in another Kate Smith attractively knitted Nordic sweater and Ruthsdolls beret.

1967 Frido NP with a slightly shorter hair style in a cosy fleece ski jumper,


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