Xmas outing part one.

Amy gets to have a quick ride on Mary’s Donkey.

Whilst Jac, Ross and Scary try a go on one of the Wise Men’s Camels.

Jac and Ross seen here strolling through a Winter forest.

…And Scary tells Father Christmas what he would really like for a present.

Amy admiring a little lit up model of a house.

…and then is seen here with one of the lit up Reindeers.

…and Ross with another.

And finally Jac with one.

Jac admiring the very impressive large lit up Snowman.

These next three photos of Amy, Jac and Ross on this lit sleigh pulled by Rendeers are my favourite photos of this visit.I would have liked to have bought this item as it is a perfect size for them and would fit nicely on the lounge bay window ledge ….but then there is the problem of the storage for the rest of the time and the garage is already full to bursting.

Amber enjoying time with these Reindeers.


One thought on “Xmas outing part one.

  1. Oh Kendal!Your kids have so much more adventure in their lives than mine do. SHHH! Gregors and Sashas, don't you know we're snowed in and can't go anywhere just now?!We did try last year, but were told by a rather elderly and very snooty Christmas fairy that we mustn't touch or 'add to' the display. Perhaps we'll have to make our own grotto this time.

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