Changes into Autumnal clothing continues.

1967 Dungaree NP wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit.

A ‘minty’ 1970/71 Gingham girl with a full centre part seen here in a Ruthsdolls OOAK outfit.

1960s slate eyed, pale skinned Gotz girl, Mia, trying on a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit with JJ sandals to see if it suits her paler colouring.

1966 Developemental Frido Jeans NP seen here wearing a Sashadollstyle OOAK pinafore outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes.

A 1970s wide faced Gingham doll wearing a Sashadollstyle duffle outfit and Ruthsdolls shoes.

1966 Blue or Brown Cord NP with the ‘wavy’ eye brow wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls smocked dress and commercially manufactured shoes and socks.

One of my favourite Dungaree girl NPs due to her facial expression. Made in 1967 she is wearing my latest look of a Ruthsdolls OOAK smocked dress with distressed boots.


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