I’ve eaten it all up now so can I get out?

I’ve just added this close up photo of my 1969/70 quirky eye-browned baby’s chubby cheeks.

This is the first doll (a 1960s slate eyed waif) that I bought for wigging.
She arrived here with fringe cut to the core and the rest of her hair trimmed to a bob but I just loved her sweet happy face.

This little imp is a 1969 Frido baby produced ready for release in the 1970 market. He is a quirky eye browed tot with big brown matt eyes, unruly and completely uncontrollable hair and delightful chubby little cheeks.

They are wearing matching materialed outfits by Ruthsdolls and Sasha has a Monique Peggy-Sue 8-9 wig in ginger with blonded highlights.

The wooden highchair won off eBay some years ago is one of my favourite of my Sasha props.


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