Additional main bedroom display.

Sashas on the dressing table.

Several people have asked me where I store their clothing. They are kept in these three boxes (though not their shoes, hats or accessories which are in the two drawers under the spare bed.) I can easily lift them from there on to the double bed and so have plenty of space to lay them out when searching for certain or additional clothing that is needed.


3 thoughts on “Additional main bedroom display.

  1. Kendal I want to know how you store the shoes! I have little drawers which are now full and am racking my brains to find another way to keep them!Are yours in separate little boxes in the bed storage?Love Sarah xx

  2. Kendal – Gracie and I are TRANSFIXED! One scene was more gorgeous than the next. Thank you for sharing your stunning collection. What happy lives they all have! It must be so joyful at your house! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for showing the boxes. I really was quite curious. Your dolls and clothing are to die for. I'm especially drooling over your new waif and the commissioned pine street outfit.

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