….and finally onto Conway

Standing in the doorway of the smallest house in Great Britain was as far as Holly would go as she has only just come to live here with us and is still very shy.

Jac was feeling brave and scaled the anchor as far as he dared. The famous Conway Castle can be seen in the background.

I was surprised and delighted to see this attractive new Mussel Sculpture made from Kilkenny Limestone on the Quay.

Naturally the Sashas all wanted a go at seeing how high they could climb up it…. so out again came the camera.

Fearless Fritz lead the way followed by tomboy Amy.

Is it my turn now?

Can I have a go please?

Oh ‘Scarey’ please be careful that you don’t fall. You really are high up.

Jac struggling to keep himself on this huge slippery metal buoy that was once used in the Conway Estury whilst I took his photo.

Fritz enjoying scrambling amongst the buoys and ropes used in the Mussel fishing just before we left for home.


2 thoughts on “….and finally onto Conway

  1. What FAB pics. Love the sculpture greatly and those outdoorsy children of yours cant wait to scale anything can they?Does anyone actually LIVE in the tiny house or is it a little shop?I must go and visit this place now!Love Aunty Sarah xx

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