My 8 Dungaree Girls (unfortunately three had already left here beforehand) and all so different.

Another requested Dungaree line up as I had by mistake missed one of the girls out the last time!

1968 Single Fringe Dungaree girl in a Vintage-Sasha outfit and JJ sandals.

1967 Dungaree NP wearing a Vintage-Sasha dungaree outfit and JJ sandals.

1967 Np Dungaree girl seen here wearing a Ruthsdolls OOAK smocked outfit and JJ sandals.

1967 Np Dungaree girl wearing a Jill Mackley OOAK dress and JJ sandals.

1969 Dungaree girl (one of my favourite of my dolls) with absolutely NO fringe and bobbed hair. I like to think that she was one of the dolls being rooted when the fringe machine broke down that one time. She is seen here in a OOAK Jill Mackley smocked dress and JJ sandals.

1966 Dungaree NP wearing a Ruthsdolls limited edition outfit and JJ sandals.

1967 Dungaree NP doll wearing an eBay purchase dress (so seamstress unknown) with Daydees socks and JJ sandals. This doll has unfortunately been force fed by a child at some time in her life and has suffered damage to her lips BUT in my opinion her beautifully painted eyes (the most gorgeous in my collection) more than make up for them. She had been patiently waiting for ages on for a new mummy and so just before Christmas I decided that we would have her here and make sure that she has a soft diet until I can find someone that can repair her lips.

1969 girl that originally came to me MIT but has over the years become displayed and then eventually played with when her hair elastic bands perished and her hair came out of it’s original braiding. (Now needs to have them re-plaited.) She is wearing a OOAK Ruthsdolls outfit and manufactured socks and JJ sandals.


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