Starting the Sasha Summer clothing change over.

One of my treasured waif dolls, a 1969 Gregor, in a very pretty yellow Molly outfit (one of favourite colours on Sashas for the summer) sent to me as a surprise gift from Steve. Manufactured shoes and socks.

This very dainty looking 1966 Dungaree NP has chosen to wear a Ruthsdolls limited pink floral dress and matching pink JJ sandals.
Now needs to have pink ribbons in her plaits.

Sailor outifts always seem to suit Sasha Dolls and this Pinestreetstudio dress on my 1966 Developemental girl is no exception accentuating her, grey rather than the normal blue, eyes.
Manufactured Dollfie school shoes complete the look.

My 1960s slate eyed Gotz looks really pretty and delightfully summery wearing one of the specially odered OOAK birthday Vintage-Sasha outfits from my very good friend, Steve.JJ sandals.


One thought on “Starting the Sasha Summer clothing change over.

  1. Beautiful! Summer feels like its here already looking at your kids Kendal!I particularly like the Vintage Sasha outfit and LOVE the Ruths Dolls limited outfit with those gorgeous candy pink Jean Jensen sandals.I love her shoes and boots.Smashing pictures xxx

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