More of our super Christmas presents.

A sweet little relica of a Bye-lo baby dressed in Victoriana style clothing from our ever generous Auntie Sarah. She is just perfect for putting in our period pram which unfortunately until now has remained empty.

An attractive, brightly coloured pull-along little toy from our Auntie Marion. He is such fun thank you.

Little Berenguer doll in a carrying/rocker seat wearing yet more delightful little knitteds from Auntie Joyce.


2 thoughts on “More of our super Christmas presents.

  1. Lucky little girls! My Sasha family are enjoying board games and art equipment from Santa but, oh, how Claudius and Esther would have liked a pull along duck like yours!

  2. Well Marion chose well with the ducky indeed and I love him and also dear Joyce's knitting is wonderful.The baby in the pram shots are superb and not easy to get.Im generous to you as you are to me.Thats what friends are for!

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