Gotz boy Fritz in Winter Wonderland.

There used to be an advert on the TV that said, ‘Pick up a Penguin’ BUT you’re much TOO big for that!

‘My, you’re a huge white bear. Hope you are friendly!’

‘…and what’s your name little boy?’

Fritz riding bare-back on Rudolph.

…though much safer riding in his pannier.

Now enjoying sitting up with Father Christmas on his Teddy Bear filled sleigh.


2 thoughts on “Gotz boy Fritz in Winter Wonderland.

  1. I love these pictures so much.And the words.The polar bear leaning to speak to him, the joy of being on a reindeer as a little child!Your pictures make me feel like that little child again!Love you xx

  2. An emailed comment from one of my blog followers."Your Christmas pictures are just fabulous. Please tell me where this wonderful place is that allows you to take pictures with your Sasha as a part of the display. Sasha is having such a wonderful time.Once again you have put extra sunshine into my day and "Merry" back into Merry Christmas."

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