Autumnal Clothing 12.

1967 NP wearing a Ruthsdolls dress and shoes and Doll Secret tights

1968 Gingham wearing a Ruthsdolls dress and pinafore, Doll Secret tights and manufactured shoes.

1967 NP about to set off for secondary school wearing a Ruthsdolls school outfit, Trendon tights and carrying a leather school bag made by Rosie Shortell.

1971 Gingham wearing a Ruthsdolls limited edition dress, Doll Works socks and JJ shoes.

Great excitment as a new curly wig arrives from Audrey’s Dolls and is being worn at the moment by a 1969 Gregor wearing a Sashadollstyle outfit (previously shown) and Ruthsdolls shoes.
‘How many times have I told you NOT to pull the sleeves down over your hands as it will stretch and spoil the jumper. Yes, I know that it is trendy/cool but if your hands are cold go and put a pair of mittens on.’

New Gotz boy Fritz (1960s slate eyed lad) trying on the Pinestreetstudio News boy’s cap, coat and scarf over Vintage-Sasha jeans and JJ shoes.

This knitted by ‘eBay ID Lemon’ coat has now been ‘adopted’ by Tabitha (a 1971 Shelly customised doll) as she says that it matches her eye colour!


One thought on “Autumnal Clothing 12.

  1. What totally enjoyable pictures. They really do give me so much pleasure to look at and all the family tend to gather round the computer now to see what Aunty Kendal has put on her blog.If my great big 24 year old son and also my partner are curious then it has to be good!Love the outfits and want all the dolls!Love Aunty Sarah xxx

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