New Kid on the Block.

One of my coming New Year resolutions was to hopefully find and buy another Sasha boy to add to my two Trendon brunette Jeans lads but have found myself being able to achieve this quest earlier when I spotted this 1960s slate eyed Gotz boy for sale …SO I’d like you to meet Fritz, a mischievious looking little fellow.

All this clothing trying on is thirsty work. I need a drink of Cola.
Pinestreetstudio outfit. Ruthsdolls boots.

Trying on some more clothes to get ‘THE’ look.
Pinestreetstudio outfit with 1960s Gotz ski outfit. Ruthsdolls boots.

Reunited with his long lost sister.
Fritz is wearing a Betsy-May outfit with Ruthsdolls boots. Sasha has a Sashadollstyle duffle over Ruthsdolls OOAK dungarees, blouse and shoes.


2 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block.

  1. My friend from the Netherland emailed me to say… "I love your boy, I love his hairdo, so real boy's hair……my 'Fritz" does still have the haircut seen by the Nonose boys. [ a little bit 'stiff'!]"

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