The Sasha Babies visit a local childrens playground.

We here in the UK are enjoying a truly lovely start to the Autumn so I decided to take all twenty-one of my Sasha babies (one is unfortunately away having his hair tamed) to the local park and childrens playground.
All in together now!

Don’t lean over the sides or you’ll fall off!

Are you ready for me to start you off? Now, no swinging too high.

Are you holding onto each other tightly?

Four on the upward climb to the slide.

You’ll not squeeze through that small gap. You’ll get stuck.

You won’t get through there. Come on down.

Alberto, don’t push them round too fast. Anis, you can’t ride your tike on there when it’s going round.

Mind you don’t fall!

Just be careful! Now don’t climb any higher!

Feeling a little lost and bewildered.

Much more confident now!


2 thoughts on “The Sasha Babies visit a local childrens playground.

  1. Well look at you all again!How do you all keep your clothes so beautifully clean?My lot would have their hair ribbons out and look like they'd been dragged thru a hedge backwards when they go out.Be sure you all behave for your marvellous mum now wont you?Love from Aunty Sarah and Uncle Adrian.xxxxx

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