My Sasha Girls. (W)

1966 developemental NP girl wearing a dress from ebay and shoes and socks by Ruthsdolls.

1971 full centre part girl wearing a shirt by N.Gould with jeans (unknown seamstress.)Shoes by Ruthsdolls.

1969 Gotz No-Navel wearing a Ruthsdolls dress, Jane Woodbrige cardigan and Jean Jenson’s sandals.

1967 NP Dungaree girl wearing a Pinestreetstudio dress and shoes by Ruthsdolls.

1969 Single Fringe girl wearing a Ruthsdolls OOAK seersucker sundress made up with my material and Jean Jenson’s flip flop sandals.

1971 brunette Gingham wearing items from several sources (waiscoat by Pinestreetstudios) put together by me and Jean Jenson’s side lace shoes.

1973/4 Puddle eyed girl with a Velvet wig wearing seersucker material dungarees bought from and Dollies-4-u open toed clogs.


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